Water Sports Responsibility Code

strategie 10 minuti opzioni digitali Be aware that there are elements of risk in boating, skiing and all water activities, common sense and personal awareness can help.VSWA - home of water skiing

Investors can lose all their capital by trading go site.” “Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Oggi è possibile investire in maniera molto più Know your ability level and stay within it.

see url To increase your enjoyment of the sport, follow the “Watersports Responsibility Code”.

quiero conocer una chica por whatsapp Familiarize yourself with all applicable laws, the risk inherent in the sport, and the proper use of equipment.

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  • Know the waterways where you will be skiing or riding Do not ski or ride in shallow water, near shore, docks, swimmers or other watercraft.
  •  Always wear Standards Approved PFD 1 and whilst water skiing, wakeboarding, knee boarding PFD 2 or 3.
  •  Read your owners manual and inspect your equipment prior to use.
  •  Ski or ride within your limits.
  • Always have a person other than the boat driver as an observer and agree on hand signals before starting.
  • Do not operate watercraft, ski or ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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