VALE Ron Fergusson

Water skiing was a great love of his life. He was a Director of the Victorian Water Ski Association for many seasons and Member of the Australian Water Ski Association  now Australian Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation

His dedication to water skiing and his calm exacting and fair treatment of skiers soon led him to the position of Chief Judge for tournament events in the various deciplines.

He enjoyed working with his close friend Max Kirwan. They spent many years (over 30 years ) conducting the International event known as the Moomba Masters on the Yarra River Melbourne Australia , with success

Moomba Masters Judge for 16 years , Chief Judge at the Asian Australasian Championships for 20 years and inducted into the Hall of Fame of Australia, also Asia Australasia ,and the International  Water ski & Wakeboard Federation ,

He traveled all over the World, in excess of of 25 countries judging tournaments throughout Europe, Italy, France,  Asia, Great Britain, USA,  Russia,  New Zealand , Amman etc.,

Tribute from Hanifah Yoong Yin Fah

Devoting a lifetime to our sport is no exaggeration in the case of Australia’s Ron Fergusson

For 35 years as a member of both the IWWF Executive Board and as a member of the IWWF Technical Committee, Ron played a key role at our sport’s leading edge at the international level. For 17 years he was Technical Chairman of Australia’s Tournament, Barefoot, Kite, Ski Racing and Disabled Water Ski Disciplines. He also judged at no less than nine World Water Ski Championships and Two World Disables Water Ski Championships

VALE Russell Morris

The sport of water skiing has lost a great man who participated in water skiing for many years in an administrative and competitive roll, Russell Morris will be remembered by many water skiers throughout the World of Water Skiing.

His involvement commenced as a skier with the Geelong Water Ski Club in the 1960’s and a member of the Victorian Water Ski Association from then on. He was involved in many administrative duties, President with the International Oceania Group—delegate with the Australian Water Ski & Wakeboard Federation.

Russell made his mark with the International Invitational Moomba Masters Championships, held on the Yarra River Melbourne Australia with a total commitment from himself for 11 days and nights  presentation of water skiing activities in conjunction with the promotion of the festival conducted by the City of Melbourne each March

He will be remembered as a gentleman and a supporter of all water skiing  activities. We thank you Russell for your continued support over the seasons for the Victorian Water Ski Association and Moomba Masters.

Our deepest condolence to Lorraine, Sally, Andrew and Joy and family members, also the many water ski friends he made over the years.

President D. Robertson, Secretary F. Hynes Directors and members of the Victorian Water Ski Association, Moomba Masters we applaud you

Vale Kreg Llewellyn

Kreg Llewellan was a unique legionary water skier who accomplished recognition over the many seasons with a talent that could do and achieve the impossible on the water, water skiing.

This legendary Canadian skier, won the first Wakeboard World Championship, and in the 1980’s and 1990’s became famous for his incredible natural balance making Kreg a champion 3 event skier.

Kreg competed in the Moomba Masters International Invitational Championships in the early 1990’s winning  the Moomba Masters trick event in 1992.  He was popular with many of the younger skiers as always willing to give them a hearing and encouragement  …He will be missed by many Australian skiers  

Deepest Condolences to Krista, Jaret, Britta , Dorien, and Llewellan family

President, Directors and members of the Victorian Water Ski Association Moomba Masters

Towing Hand Signals

Communicating and Hand Signal for towed sports

The need for driver, observer and rider communication is the most important thing to understand before you even step near the water. There are many hand signals that you need to know as you venture further into your sport, but the four cornerstones are:

  • Faster – thumb up
  • Slower – thumb down
  • Turn around – circular helicopter motion above your head with your arm or hand
  • Home (or in the boat) – patting your head with your hand

Holiday Tips

To ensure you all have the best possible boating and  skiing  this  season , it is most important to do a SAFETY CHECK.  Be prepared before you leave shore.

P.F.D. ‘s   on all recreational vessels at all times.

(1)  Regulations to be observed .

(2)  Carry safety equipment at all times according to regulations.

(3 ) Do  Not exceed Speed Limits.

(4 )  Keep a look out at all times especially for other craft or water skiers on waterways.

(5) Never drink alcohol before or whilst operating a vessel or skiing.

Take care and enjoy your boating and water skiing activities.

Summer is fast approaching

Summer is fast approaching and the holiday season will see lots of water skiing and boating activities

The Victorian Water Ski Association recommends that boat owners be aware of all boating regulations for Victorian Waters and New South Wales waters in particular the Murray River

Recreational Water skiers and boat owners be aware of all

Safety duties—Speed and distance on water—Life jackets—and boat requirements.

For Victorian Waters please contact Transport Safety Victoria or

For New South Wales waters